Step back in time with our iconic New Jersey Nets shorts. These throwback shorts pay homage to the historic Nets franchise during their tenure in New Jersey. Made from premium materials, these shorts offer both comfort and durability for the ultimate basketball experience. Featuring the classic Nets logo and colors, these shorts are perfect for fans who want to show their support for the team’s rich history. Whether you’re hitting the court or cheering from the stands, these New Jersey Nets shorts will make a bold statement. Relive the glory days and represent the Nets with pride. Grab your pair of New Jersey Nets shorts today and be a part of basketball history.

  • New Jersey Nets Shorts White



    Keep comfortable and look shape when you go in for a layup or watch the New Jersey Nets games. This New Jersey Nets Shorts with the White colors will help you achieve that goal effortlessly!

    • NBA Basketball shorts
    • New Jersey Nets Shorts
    • “The Nets ” embroidered. Lampo zippers.
    • Rib welt pockets at side
    • Rib welt pockets at back
    • Just Don embroidered

    New Jersey Nets Shorts White


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